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The Givedot Program 

Transforming The Way You Fundraise

The Givedot Program helps you leverage the power of your community and social media with an online fundraising platform.

Why Choose The Givedot Program

The Givedot Program is a fully customizable, user-friendly fundraising platform that gives your non-profit the tools to create, manage, and share the fundraising campaigns that matter most to your students, your cause, and your community! We take the guesswork out of giving by utilizing the familiar branding of your school’s existing website and capitalizing on your existing social media footprint to ensure your campaigns reach the widest audience possible.

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The Givedot Program Difference

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Social media was created to connect us to the community, and the Givedot Program was created to utilize the power of that community to meet and exceed your fundraising goals! Givedot’s intelligent design is built for ease of access and is versatile enough to fit any organization’s fundraising needs. We provide a user-friendly fundraising platform for non-profits and have done our best to eliminate platform fees.

Let us help you stand out and try our platform today! We have done our very best to eliminate platform and admin fees so schedule a demo for more information.

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